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Heddem Arts was founded by Mr. Franklin Heddem in 1871 in London, U.K. Then it was handed to his son, Mr. Joseph Heddem. Later, in 1954, Mr. David Heddem, the grandson of Mr. Franklin Heddem, took charge of Heddem Arts. In 1971, Heddem Arts was sold to Dr.Prabhu by the then owner, Mr. David Heddem. In 1982, Dr.Prabhu shifted Heddem Arts to India.

Recently, in 2014, Heddem Arts opened its offices in Dubai (Limited Liability Company) and Ras Al Khaimah ( Free Zone Company) in the U.A.E. The world-famous Herbal Cream Holy Quran was exhibited there. The news about the Herbal Cream Holy Quran was published in more than 250 newspapers, television news channels, FM radios, website, medical blogs, university info booklets, government and private entrance probable questions across the world. It became so famous and viral that if you Google “rare Holy Quran exhibitions in Dubai”, the Herbal Cream Holy Quran will top the results.

110 inches Three Stratum Shrimad Valmiki Ramayanam, Herbal Cream Holy Quran, Guinness Number Handicraft Holy Bible, Hand Carving Holy Quran on paper, Golden Colour Holy Quran, Leather Holy Bible, 35 feet Leather Roll Holy Quran, Chappa Papyrus Holy Quran and a few unique items in the world belong to Heddem Arts. Heddem Arts also has very rare and unique art, calligraphs and crafts. Heddem Arts is the owner of the most unique and rarest items. Heddem Arts has unique products valued from US $10,000 to US $100 million.

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